Did You Know That Drinking Tea Could Literally Change Your Genes?

Pure oolong tea and even Island green tea has been connected to a long list of health benefits in the past. Some include a reduced risk of a heart attack and others include cancer-fighting properties as well. Recently, a study conducted demonstrated that tea could actually change you on a genetic level. It could also change how your DNA is expressed and this can play a huge role in your overall health. Behaviour or even environmental triggers in the body can actually affect genes and how they are turned on or off. This is known as epigenetics. The study showed that women who drank tea experienced epigenetic changes in over 28 different gene regions and this includes how the genes respond to cancer and even oestrogen!

Coffee, however, is not associated with any changes like this and it has been suggested that beverages that are very rich in of antioxidants do in fact have various health benefits. This could affect you in many different ways. These changes were not seen in men at all and this could be because tea affects the oestrogen pathways. However, it should be noted that there were not many male tea drinkers who took part in the study so it is difficult to find the definite association that it does not change male genes.

The study looked at 3,000 adults across Europe and all of them had varying lifestyle behaviours and even different diets. The analysis was adjusted for the effects of coffee, tea, gender, age and even smoking status.

This is very interesting, to say the least, and it is surprising to see how many benefits tea can actually offer you. If you want to find out more about our tea then please do click here.


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