Studies Show That Green Tea Can Literally Burn Fat Cells

Are you aware that Island green tea and green tea capsules can burn fat cells? Thus, if you are looking for some more benefits of green tea then this is great news! In order for fat to be burnt, the fat needs to be broken down in the cell itself and then moved into the bloodstream. When you take a look at the active compound in green tea, you will find out that this can boost the entire process and it can also help to introduce new fat burning hormones.

The Antioxidants in Tea

The main antioxidants in tea are EGCG and they work by inhibiting the enzyme that helps to break down norepinephrine. When this happens, the hormone is sent into the nervous system and it signals to the fat cells telling them to initialize a breakdown process. In other words, the more norepinephrine you have, the more signals that your body send out and the more fat your body will break down. In addition, EGCG can be found in green tea as well but it has a synergistic effect.

The Bottom Line

The substances that are found in tea such as Island, oolong or even green tea can encourage fat cells to break down and this is great at releasing fat into the bloodstream. Likewise, it also helps to make fat available to the body in the form of energy so you can be sure of feeling more healthy and energized.

If you want to find out more about green tea or what it can offer to you then click here. There has never been a better time for you to start drinking tea as well as finding out more about everything that it can offer you. We are here to help you with any questions and we can also recommend the correct tea that will suit your lifestyle and preferences.