Scientific Reasons How a Cup of Breakfast Tea Could Change Your Life!

Karma Kisses Island Breakfast Tea, also known as fragrance honey black tea, is carefully kneaded and has been enhanced by green leafhoppers who suck on them during their growth cycle. This helps bring out the unique, intoxicating honey aroma missing from regular English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast tea, giving you a smooth and sweet blend that will continue to fuel your mornings for weeks to come. So you may be inclined to pick up some breakfast tea on your way to work in the morning, but what are the scientific benefits behind what it has to offer?

Reduced Stress

A recent study has shown that tea can affect your cortisol levels and this is the stress hormone that contributes to belly fat. It can also make your skin age quicker, but if you drink breakfast tea then this can be prevented and in some instances even reversed.

Reduced Heart Attack/Stroke

A researcher conducted a study on people who had blocked arteries by over 70%. After they drank English breakfast tea, the blood vessels increased in functionality by over 50% so if you look at the facts, breakfast black tea can actually reduce the chances of you having a heart attack or even a stroke, and this is all because the plant compounds prevent the formation of plaque in the walls of the artery.

Cancer Prevention

When you drink our Island Breakfast Tea, or an English Breakfast tea, this can help you keep cancer at bay. There is a compound in black tea called theaflavin-3'-mono gallate and this causes cancerous cells to destroy themselves without actually harming normal cells.

So as you can see, the health benefits to drinking a good breakfast tea are limitless. If you want to buy some of this tea, then click here to see the best black tea that the market has to offer!