Organic Red Oolong Tea—A Heavenly Taste of Pure Happiness

Red Oolong

Our unique, Red Oolong tea is made only from the highest quality leaves planted in the best environment adopting only proven, trusted and natural farm methods free from any form of chemicals or pesticide. Harvested in late summer and early autumn and processed through a highly monitored and unique fermentation process—the tea leaves offer something different from the ordinary. Oolong possesses a very unique and sweet smelling scent and its amber black texture and color is very apparent. The best part of this tea is the sweet lasting taste it leaves in your mouth coupled with the blissful sweet flavor it leaves at the tip of your tongue and a rich fruit aroma at the end of your tongue.

Origins of Red Oolong

Over 200 years ago on the island of Formosa, also regarded as Taiwan tea development history, the natives after many years of laborious experiment and trials had developed a number of specialty teas, some of which include the popular twist-shape Pouchong tea, hemisphere-shape Pouchong tea, Oriental Beauty tea in addition to island oolong tea, black tea and green tea. These teas have gone on to become some of the world's most celebrated teas. Since 2008, a new kind of peculiar tea has been developed on the beautiful, pristine eastern coast of the Formosa Island and specially named the “Red Oolong.” Unlike other teas, the unique tea is ideal for either hot or cold brewing and its soup has an uncharacteristic orange color with a delicious taste to go along with.

Metaphorically speaking, if the twist-shape Wenshan Mountain Pouchong tea is a budding young girl, the Tung-Ting Oolong tea is a beautiful, elegant lady, the Tieguanyin tea is a strong, capable middle-aged man, while the Red Oolong tea is a gentle, modest, chivalrous man equipped with powerful Kongfu.

Features of the Red Oolong 

The major characteristics of this unique, sweet tasting tea are its ability to be served and enjoyed either brewed hot or cold. However, if you want to get the best of its sweet flavor, then perhaps you should try the cold brewing method. Red Oolong tea is produced using two-leaf sprout that is delicately handpicked and selected meticulously. Thereafter, the tea leaves are heavily withered and mixed. Similarly, the production technique used for making Black tea and the Red Oolong share some slight similarities. The sweet smelling aroma, unique orange color and delicious flavor of Red Oolong are very different from the traditional Pouchong tea that features a milder aroma.

  • Red Oolong has a hemisphere shape with a glossy, dark, red color. 
  • The tea soup is bright and clear. It has amber and orange color similar to the black tea soup but with a touch of Oolong flavor.  
  • Red oolong has a high degree of fermentation. It can be collected as Aged tea. 
  • The texture is thick and smooth with ripe fruit flavor. It is thickly-mellow and infusion-enduring. Red oolong tea is one of the few teas that you can completely enjoy when it is cold brewed.

Processing characteristics of Red Oolong 

Red oolong is a newly developed kind of tea that fuses together the processing quality and characteristics of oolong tea and black tea. It has the highest degree of fermentation among different types of oolong, which is also higher than the Oriental Beauty tea.

Hot brewing method:

For a hot brew, pour 8-10 fl oz (255-300 ml/cc) 200-212 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or 88-100 degrees Celsius (°C) boiling hot water into a cup and put a tea bag into the hot water. Soak for 3 to 5 minutes depending on personal preference and remove tea bag (one tea bag can be brewed twice or thrice).

Fast Iced Tea:

After hot brew, chill in the refrigerator or ice to enjoy immediately

Cold brewing method: 

Pour 15-20 fl oz (500-600 ml/cc) cold water into a cup. Remove the tea bag tag. Put the tea bag into the cold water. Soak for about 3-5 hours in the refrigerator.

The Oolong tea reiterates its desire to not only being sweet and tasty, but it also prides itself on being completely natural, healthy and safe.

All the materials used, directly or indirectly involved in the production process of this unique tea has been certified safe and of good quality by a competent inspection team.

Furthermore, the raw materials are subjected to stringent pesticide residue tests to detect any form or residue of pesticide or other harmful chemicals. The raw materials, packaging and manufacturing process have been inspected and each tea bag ha successfully passed the government and other related health agency safety standard.

For that unique sweet tasting, refreshing and healthy tea, Red Oolong is your ideal choice.

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