Losing Weight Fast—Ten Terrific Fat Burning Foods

Can you eat and lose weight? Maybe. Often people quit diets because the diet is so restrictive, they are starved and deprived of the most basic sustenance. It is possible to eat to lose weight if you choose the right foods. These foods typically fall into 3 categories. The first are foods that help speed up your metabolism. The second are foods that make you feel fuller for longer. The third are foods that help reduce cravings, and cinnamon is one of them. Here are 10 amazing foods to try today to help you burn fat:

1. Almonds1,2

Almonds are a source of lean proteins that will assist your body in building muscle. Muscle per pound burns more calories than fat, so muscle can help you burn more calories, even when you are sleeping. You can make a delicious and weight conscious almond pudding by blending a cup of ground almonds with a tablespoon of cinnamon supplements for weight loss and a half cup of almond milk.

2. Bananas3,4

Bananas contain a unique starch that certain bacteria in your gut transform into fatty acids. The body uses these fatty acids preferentially to supply energy to the body. Therefore, they are less likely to be converted into fat. Additionally, because converting these fatty acids to body fat is an energy-intensive process, even if some of the already low banana calories are converted to fat, it is still much less than many other foods, because a large percentage of the calories are burned up in the conversion process. If you think bananas have too simple a flavor, just sprinkle on some organic Ceylon cinnamon powder.

3. Broccoli5,6

The sulforaphane in broccoli is a powerful assistant in the battle against fat. Sulforaphane stimulates the body to help increase the rate of burning fat cells.

4. Chicken Breasts or Tofu7,8

Chicken breasts are lean and thermogenic. This means that the lean protein may help speed up your metabolism, so every minute of the day you are burning more calories than you likely would without the chicken breasts in your diet. Replace with non-silken or firm tofu if you prefer a vegan or vegetarian option.

5. Cinnamon9,10

Multiple studies have found that cinnamon can slow the movement of food from the stomach, which can help you feel full for longer. Cinnamon may also help you absorb more nutrients per ounce of food, thus enabling you to receive more nutrients per calorie. Furthermore, cinnamon may help regulate your blood sugar so you experience fewer blood sugar spikes and the subsequent food cravings.

6. Coconut Oil11,12

Oils with medium chain triglycerides such as coconut oil provide your body with immediate energy. When you consume these delicious oils, your body uses them for energy, instead of storing them as fat. Add some coconut oil and cinnamon for weight loss to your breakfast or morning oatmeal and you have a filling, yummy, and heart-healthy treat.

7. Green Tea13,14

Green tea contains catechins. These natural compounds promote thermogenesis and thus may help speed up your metabolism. The catechins also assist in speeding up fat oxidation to help you lose weight.

8. Jalapenos15,16

A great weapon to help fight fat is jalapeno peppers. Jalapenos contain capsaicin. Studies show that capsaicin helps to increase your resting metabolism and heart rate. This can help your body burn fat faster, even while you are sleeping.

9. Lentils17,18

If you are lacking iron, your metabolism may slow down. This means that you are burning fewer calories and thus potentially sabotaging your weight loss. Iron is a common nutrient often missing from diets. Lentils are a good source of iron and can help you keep your metabolism up.
Weight Loss Lentil Soup

10. Whole Grains19,20

Whole grains provide vital nutrients to help keep you from feeling hungry. Your body burns approximately twice the number of calories when it processes whole grains than when it processes packaged foods.

Please remember to contact a medical professional, as appropriate, if you have a medical concern or want treatment for weight loss. These foods are aids for burning fat, not substitutes for medical care.

Congratulations! You now know about amazing foods such as organic green tea that can assist you in meeting your weight loss goals. Grab a yummy cup of Karma Kisses Organic Island Dew Green Tea and think about how you could use the 10 simple foods for a healthier, thinner, and more energetic new you!

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