How Red Oolong Tea Can Help with Weight Loss

Red Oolong tea is certainly something to marvel at. Its main feature has to be the fact it is suitable for both hot and cold brewing, and it has a glossy, dark red colour as well. It has a high degree of fermentation and the flavour is incredibly sweet, with the two leaves handpicked to ensure quality throughout. For this reason, it’s a hit with tea lovers across the world, but did you know that it can give you numerous health benefits?

Oolong Tea Weight Loss

The oolong tea benefits include the fact that it is full of anti-oxidants. It can boost your metabolism by over 10% and this lasts for two hours, sometimes more. The polyphenols that are in the tea help to block the fat from your diet from being absorbed, and it also helps to lower cholesterol by over 50%. Normally, you would have to drink 6+ cups of green tea to even start reaping these benefits, but with oolong, you only have to consume it 3 times a day. Pure oolong tea is also great for satisfying your sweet tooth!

Naturally Occurring Caffeine

Another huge benefit of oolong tea is that it contains caffeine and when this is combined with EGCG, which is another occurring product in the tea it can heighten the rate of fat oxidation. It can also regulate blood sugar levels while reducing food cravings.

So as you can see, there are a huge number of benefits you can reap by drinking oolong tea. If you want to pick up some for yourself, you can click here to take a look at our very own oolong tea as well as trying out the weight loss benefits that it has to offer. We will be thrilled to show you what we have in stock.