Give Yourself a Refreshing Start with Best Breakfast Tea Grown Organically!

What else can a tea lover demand if he or she gets to begin the day with a hot cup of best black tea which is not only organically grown but is also hand-picked and processed with utmost love and care. Organic Island breakfast black tea is a perfect breakfast tea which will equally complement an exotic breakfast and tempting desserts in the afternoon. So if you are looking for a healthy alternative to chemically processed high caffeine tea, then you can surely get nothing better than this black tea with the natural fragrance of honey and sweet taste to linger on your tongue for long.

Honey fragrant black tea!

It is amazing to note that the locals often call this breakfast tea a honey black tea. This is mainly due to the fact that you get an intoxicating burst of honey fragrance as you brew this tea in hot water. Nothing can refresh your mind body and soul better than a cup of honey black tea grown hundred percent naturally with all the natural flavours and aroma. Actually, this Organic Island Breakfast Black Tea gets its honey fragrance from the small green leaf hoppers that fully suck the tea leaves after fermentation. This process not only induces a natural fragrance in the tea leaves but also leaves an immediate sweet taste to finish with.

Breakfast tea is grown with a lot of love and care!

There is no denial of the fact that this special fragrance honey black tea is grown with a lot of love and care to bring nothing less than the best for you at your breakfast table. The tea is not only kneaded from the most tender one leaf sprout but at each and every step of processing utmost care has been taken to preserve the natural aroma, flavours and benefits of the tea. During the entire process of processing the tea leaves, they have been sucked with small green leaf hoppers to add that fragrant honey aroma in the tea. After that, the farmers bake the tea with the most utmost care and precision.

Unpolluted pureness of the breakfast black tea!

At each and every stage of growing and processing this organic breakfast tea, utmost care has been taken so that you nothing but an unpolluted finished product. The tea is grown in Taitung which is also known as last pure land of Taiwan. In addition, the tea trees are irrigated by purest form of mountain spring water adding to purity and sweetness of the tea.

At each and every stage of processing, there is absolutely zero use of any kind of pesticide or preservative used in the process and the result is fresh and refreshing beverage that will surely pamper your mind body and soul. It is important to note that this organic tea can be successfully prepared only when the green leafhoppers suck the tea leaves completely. It becomes equally important for the farmers to not only protect and take care of the tea leaves but also protect leafhoppers. Thus, the use of any kind of chemical can be potentially dangerous to them and thus the tea leaves are prepared by adopting a hundred percent chemical free processes.

Aroma and texture of the brewed tea!

When compared to various breakfast teas available in the market, there is no denial of the fact that this Organic island breakfast black tea has an unbeatable aroma, flavour and texture. Since the tea leaves have been completely sucked by the leafhoppers after fermentation, the tea gets its characteristic mellow and tangy aroma with the natural fragrance of honey in it. This honey flavoured tea is all you need to feel the freshness of a garden full of honey filled flowers first thing in the morning. The texture of the tea soup is thick and smooth.  The sweet taste, in the end, will not only pamper your taste buds but will also linger on your tongue and mind for a long time.

Awards and accolades for Organic Island Breakfast Black Tea!

The tea developers have developed one of a kind type of tea in the form of the Organic Island breakfast black tea. Its unique flavours, texture and aroma have fetched it many awards and accolades in the past, including a gold medal in the 2010 International Famous Tea Appraisal competition.

Try it for yourself today: Organic Island Breakfast Black Tea.