Certified Organic Island Breakfast Tea

Certified Organic Island Breakfast Tea or “Honey Black Tea” or “Fragrance Honey Black Tea” as it is also sometimes referred to by the locals is a handpicked and unique tasting honey-like tea with a sweet smelling honey aroma. This tea is organically nurtured and prepared in a tea garden.
Small green leafhoppers suckle on the tea trees, which gives off a natural honey fragrance after fermentation. The aroma of this unique honey tea is mild and tangy, and it also has a smooth tea soup texture that has an amazing sweet finish. We are deeply passionate about cultivating natural, organic fragrance honey tea in Taitung which is the only remaining piece of pure land in the island of Formosa.

Over the years, our honey fragrance tea has attracted so many accolades from around the globe. Without even a slight fault, it perfectly passed through all the organic tea tests and inspection. The certified Organic Island Breakfast Tea is irrigated by natural mountain spring water which adds that pureness and sweet smell to its mild aroma.

Utmost care has been taken to knead this Fragrance Honey Black Tea with the most tender and manually picked one-leaf sprout. Equally, because the trees have been sucked by small green leafhoppers during their early stages, they emit a burst of refreshing and sweet smelling honey aroma when brewing and the once the tea soup touches your taste buds, you will feel that invigorating rush of a smooth, natural, sweet and smooth feeling in your body.

The leafhoppers are very fundamental to the success and fragrance of our honey tea, which is why we pride ourselves in the fact that we ensure that the green leafhoppers are properly taken care of and are in abundance in our tea gardens.
In addition, we take great care in also ensuring that the tea is carefully and perfectly baked by our very professional farmers and experts. Therefore, what you get is a sweet smelling honey tea that is absolutely organic and 100% free of any additives or chemicals which bring safe, healthy, non-toxic, tea to everyone and also gives freedom to the sustainable spirit of symbiosis with nature.

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